Tuesday, November 22, 2011

World Famous Crochet Museum in Joshua Tree

This past weekend my friend Kim (from Tangled Together) and I took a trip to Joshua Tree, CA  to visit the World Famous Crochet Museum.

It's a tiny little space in the middle of a quirky artsy desert lot. I have no other way of discribing it! haha
Here are the pictures.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Operation Beanies for Babies

If you follow me on Facebook you probably already know about my big November announcement!
Here it is
I will be donating a beanie for every purchase made to my ©World of Jackie Designs shop to babies in need.
I'm so happy to be doing this!
Almost four years ago when I was still very new at crocheting, a friend of mine invited me to her friend's house. She was making beanies to donate to babies.
Ever since then, I've been wanting to do it again, but life gets int the way and I just didn't have time.
Even though I am now busier than ever I felt like I had to do something like that again!
Today is the 18th of November and I already have 15 beanies to donate!! Which is perfect and I don't think I could physically do any more alone.
A big THANK YOU to everyone who has made purchases and have helped me donate beanies to babies! I will be posting more about this in the near future to let you guys know how it's going.
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coconut Banana Bread

My kids and I love banana bread, and for some reason we always have a few bananas that we forget to eat! What better way to use them than in banana bread right?! I wanted to try something with a bit of a different flavor and just happened to have a can of coconut milk (not coconut cream). So here it is! It came out so amazing! Super moist and flavorful. Let me know what you think!
Here's the recipe

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