Monday, September 12, 2011

Arepa Rellena (Stuffed Corn Cakes)

There are a few things that I like more than stuffed arepas! I know they are very popular in Venezuela and you can pretty much use anything you have on hand. 
But what is an arepa you ask?

Well.... Its a Colombian/Venezuelan white corn cake. In Colombia the most popular way to eat them is with a little butter and salt on top and the occasional slice of farmer's cheese, you know, because we LOVE cheese...but I'll save that topic for another post. lol.

In the picture above I cut open the arepa (not all the way) and stuffed it with thin strips of carne asada and homemade french fries! Yummm I know! It was amazing!!

*Tips* When you plan on stuffing the arepa make sure that you make it slightly smaller than you normally would...I think about 5" across is a good size. Also make them a bit thicker than normal.

Here's another picture of one stuffed with avocado!! mmmm... my mouth is watering now! lol.

Now go and try it for yourself! :)

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