Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Everyone! I was never really one to worry about our environment or going "green" or any of that, but having kids makes you grow up and open your eyes! Ever since my daughter was born I started thinking of everything I used, threw away, ate, cooked and where it all came from. I started making really small changes and even though I know I can do a lot more, I think I'm doing pretty good so far.

Something I am enjoying a lot learning about is gardening! Never thought it could be so interesting until I actually started doing it, what makes it more fun? doing it with a three year old who finds absolutely everything AMAZING!!

Recently I planted an avocado seed just for the fun of it, I know I won't get any avocados from it because by that time, we will be long gone from this house, but I'm having a blast watching grow everyday! These things really grow so fast, everyday it looks different!! Here are a few pictures from seed to how it looks now!!

Day 1: Wash the pit and let it dry for a day.

Day 2: After it's dry the "skin" will peel off very easily! you will be left with a soft and smooth avocado pit. Submerge it in water like in the picture below, the pit will start to open in just the first week!

1 Week : Submerge the pit in water using three toothpicks or tiny nails like I did

Week 1

Week 1

Week 2: Look at how much it has grown in just 2 weeks!!

Week 3: plant your avocado pit root side down, leave half of the pit out. For some reason it grows better this way. Keep it next to a sunny window and water it a little bit everyday.

Week 5

Week 7 

Week 7
This is so much fun to do with your kids! The first thing that comes out of my daughter's mouth every morning is " I want to see my avocado!!"  I'll post more pictures of it as it grows. 

Another thing we are having fun watching grow is  garlic. We just planted it on Monday, only three days ago. It's so easy too! Here are a few pictures from our garlic planting.

Use the regular garlic you buy at your supermarket

Separate a single garlic clove, this is what you will be planting. No need to take off the skin.

Plant your garlic in soil with the pointy side up. If you want to get a whole garlic out of it plant it alone in a planter or if planting outside about 2 inches apart.

Put your garlic next to a sunny window and water every other day, don't let it get too dry ;)

Just for the fun of it I took a look at the garlic just 3 days after planting it and look at how much the roots have grown!!  It takes about a year to have a whole garlic but you can use it's leaves for cooking before it's time to harvest the garlic. From what I've heard they are almost like chives. Don't pick too many though, or else your garlic won't grow properly.  I'll keep posting pictures of this too as it grows! :)

We are also composting and I'll also post some pictures of that when I get a chance! Recycling, using tote bags at the grocery store instead of plastic bags, not using water bottles, growing our own fruits and veggies etc.. all little things we can all do to make a big change! I would love to hear what everyone else is doing to make a change! Leave a comment and let me know! :)


  1. I am going to do this! I did not think of doing my own avocados or garlic. You are so talented!

  2. thank you Erica, the garlic is huge now! grew crazy in only like one week! ill post some pics in a bit! :)


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