Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crochet Bun Covers

My daughter recently started ballet and I could not be happier. Since the day she was born I have been dreaming of her in ballet class! I am absolutely loving her enthusiasm for ballet and being able to teach her some moves that I still remember from my ballet days. Whenever I take her to class I get just as excited as I did many years ago when my mom used to take me to class. As she grows older I hope she falls in love with dance as I did and that it everything she learns she keeps with her in life. 
All of these memories start coming to me while I watch her twirl around week after week and one of them is of all of my different bun covers I used to have, in all different colors and materials. Well now that I'm "a big mommy" (as my daughter calls me) I can crochet these covers for her, and they have been fun!
I think I made three or four before getting a pattern I was happy with. 

So far I've only made three with the pattern I was happy with, I absolutely love these! It fits the bun beautifully and the drawstring is made out of a chain so it's really easy to pull it tight.

I made a few decreases at the ends, it looks like a tiny little hat! This is one of the items I will be selling on my etsy store, which I haven't opened yet ;) But soon, I promise! 
I'm going to keep making these until I run out of colors! 


  1. How lovely! The pink one looks adorable on her ballerina bun...

  2. Thank you! She loves wearing them, makes her feel very girly! :)

  3. Look so cute! I like all of them...pity I don't have a daughter to play with :P


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