Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Signing Baby

                          My Signing Baby

I started signing to my baby as soon as he was born and he signed milk at just 3 months! Signing is helping so much! I know when he is hungry, sleepy, all done, wants more, has a dirty diaper etc.
I want to share a few home videos of him signing.

This one is a video of  him signing Milk at three months. I speak to my kids in Spanish so of course I say "leche", but the sign is in American Sign Language.

This video is my son at Seven months signing  All Done.  Again I use the word "terminamos" which is Spanish for finished.

This one is of my son at Nine months signing Sleep. The Spanish word I use for it "dormir".

And the last one is of him signing Dada or "papi"

Babies are capable of understanding so much more than we give them credit for, my son amazes me everyday with everything that he knows!
Of course his signing is not perfect because he is so young and his motor skills are not fully developed, but signing is great practice for these skills.

If you are interested in teaching your baby  Baby Sign Language and have questions on how to get started let me know. I would be more than happy to help you out!
Happy Signing!


  1. Que significa todo esto? Amor,dedicacion, union, apoyo de parte de mi linda princesa y su esposo que se han dado a la tarea de criar a mis adorados nietos de la mejor manera, ense~andoles cada dia mas, compartiendo con ellos a todo momento, dandoles la importancia que ellos se merecen. Los felicito y estoy muy orgullosa de todos ustedes.
    Que Dios me los bendiga siempre

  2. keep it up cousin !


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