Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Signs

First Signs
As soon as my daughter was born I started teaching her baby sign language and the results were amazing! At just 5 months she signed "milk" and it just kept on coming. She would learn a new one about once a month. This made communicating with her so much easier. She was able to tell me when she was hungry, sleepy, tired, had a dirty diaper etc...
She is now three years old and we can have full conversations in ASL (American Sign Language)
I also have a 7 month old baby boy who started signing "milk" at just 3 months   and understands "food"   "more"  "cereal"  "all done" and a few more. It is so wonderful knowing that he understands me by the look on his face when I talk and sign to him, and also when he shows me with his own hands that he wants milk!
I love telling new moms about baby sign language and how it can make communicating with their babies a lot of fun and reduce frustration on the baby's side and the parent's side also.
Here a few of the basic signs that are easy to teach your baby. Remember to only do the sign when you are actually doing that activity, and be very patient. Consistency is key, even if it looks like they don't understand, they are absorbing everything and before you know it they will start signing back to you!


Open and close your hand (resembles milking a cow)


Bring fingers to mouth( to sign 'food' bring fingers to mouth twice)


Wiggle your index finger across your chin


Bring your fingers together a few times

Place your right hand, palm facing you, in front your eye, bring it down towards your chin and close it at the same time

Thank You
Place your flat hand in front your mouth and move it foward and down towards the person you are thanking

Place your flat hand against your chest and move it counter clockwise

 Place your fist against your chest and move it counter clockwise

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