Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easy Chicharron

So I always wanted to make chicharron at home but never actually even tried because of all the work that goes into it. Fortunately I found an easier way!!
Chicharron is deep fried pork belly. It is very popular in Colombia for parties, holidays or just part of the bandeja paisa (Colombia's typical dish). You can find it in any Colombian restaurant in the US or the pork meat to make it yourself at home. But the bad part is it takes a long time and unless you have a deep fryer outside, your whole house will smell like fried food for days to come. Recently I got creative and found a much easier way, I couldn't believe how good it tasted when I finally had it.  The only difference is that mine doesn't have the crispy delicious skin on it which I think is why it's so much easier, but hey look on the bright side, It's just a little bit healthier this way! hahahaha. Here's all you have to do. 
Here's what you need:

DIY Wall Art

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a fun three day weekend. For us is was a stay at home kind of weekend. Catching up on projects around the house and just relaxing. I decided to do a little redecorating and was suddenly inspired to do some painting. I haven't painted in a very long time and just had to need to do it.
I had been searching for the perfect thing to put on a bathroom wall but haven't had any luck so far, all of a sudden I was inspired by the rug that has been on that floor for almost two years. A simple leaf was my inspiration.

So, I went to my local arts and craft store and purchased four 8x 10 canvases. Painted two of them tan and the other two a hunter green. I also used cabinet liner to give it texture after the first coat of paint.

I painted two of them with white leaves and the other two with green leaves. the good thing about doing your own art work for your home is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it! ;)

I also used canvases to decorate my daughter's room a few years ago. Instead of painting it I used fabric and some black ribbon. 

I think what I will do later on is add more ribbon and use it for displaying her pictures. But it looks really cute in her room right now. I believe these canvases are 11x14.

You could also use prints to cover canvases and give them a very personal touch, and a lot less expensive than buying expensive pieces of art. 

Do you make your own art work for your home? Have any other cool ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!

Have a great week! xoxo

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chicken Katsu Curry

Ahh...Chicken Katsu Curry, one of my all time favorite dishes! This is a Japanese style of curry and it's pronounced 'kare'. There are many ways of serving this dish, the most common include chicken or pork, and the sauce made with veggies like onions, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes, But I'll do that some other time, for now let's talk about Coco's style curry that I love so much!
 I had this dish for the first time while living in Japan at a restaurant called Coco's. We became addicted to it instantly! In fact anyone that goes to Japan and goes  there will pretty much tell you the same thing. For us, Coco's was one of those places where you always want to order the same thing, for me it was the chicken katsu curry. It's pretty much just short grain rice (Japanese rice), fried chicken covered in curry sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. I don't like spicy food that much so I always got mine mild and my husband would get his level 3 or 4, and that was very spicy, even for him! 
They also sell curry in a box to make at home, a friend who went to Japan a few months ago brought us back some and it was awesome having it again!! So if anyone is going to Japan feel free to bring me back some Coco's curry! lol. But, if you're not in Japan you can just buy the boxes of curry they sell in the supermarket, in the Asian aisle. So here I'll show you exactly how I make my curry at home, in an attempt to replicate Coco's curry. 

Here's what you need:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Signs

First Signs
As soon as my daughter was born I started teaching her baby sign language and the results were amazing! At just 5 months she signed "milk" and it just kept on coming. She would learn a new one about once a month. This made communicating with her so much easier. She was able to tell me when she was hungry, sleepy, tired, had a dirty diaper etc...
She is now three years old and we can have full conversations in ASL (American Sign Language)
I also have a 7 month old baby boy who started signing "milk" at just 3 months   and understands "food"   "more"  "cereal"  "all done" and a few more. It is so wonderful knowing that he understands me by the look on his face when I talk and sign to him, and also when he shows me with his own hands that he wants milk!
I love telling new moms about baby sign language and how it can make communicating with their babies a lot of fun and reduce frustration on the baby's side and the parent's side also.
Here a few of the basic signs that are easy to teach your baby. Remember to only do the sign when you are actually doing that activity, and be very patient. Consistency is key, even if it looks like they don't understand, they are absorbing everything and before you know it they will start signing back to you!


Open and close your hand (resembles milking a cow)


Bring fingers to mouth( to sign 'food' bring fingers to mouth twice)


Wiggle your index finger across your chin


Bring your fingers together a few times

Place your right hand, palm facing you, in front your eye, bring it down towards your chin and close it at the same time

Thank You
Place your flat hand in front your mouth and move it foward and down towards the person you are thanking

Place your flat hand against your chest and move it counter clockwise

 Place your fist against your chest and move it counter clockwise

My Signing Baby

                          My Signing Baby

I started signing to my baby as soon as he was born and he signed milk at just 3 months! Signing is helping so much! I know when he is hungry, sleepy, all done, wants more, has a dirty diaper etc.
I want to share a few home videos of him signing.

This one is a video of  him signing Milk at three months. I speak to my kids in Spanish so of course I say "leche", but the sign is in American Sign Language.

This video is my son at Seven months signing  All Done.  Again I use the word "terminamos" which is Spanish for finished.

This one is of my son at Nine months signing Sleep. The Spanish word I use for it "dormir".

And the last one is of him signing Dada or "papi"

Babies are capable of understanding so much more than we give them credit for, my son amazes me everyday with everything that he knows!
Of course his signing is not perfect because he is so young and his motor skills are not fully developed, but signing is great practice for these skills.

If you are interested in teaching your baby  Baby Sign Language and have questions on how to get started let me know. I would be more than happy to help you out!
Happy Signing!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mango Chicken

I've made this recipe so many times and my husband always gets super excited when he comes home and smells what's cooking! This is a simple yet delicious meal that you can make in no time at all and I promise your family will love it!

Here's what you need:

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