Friday, January 21, 2011

Hiking in 49 palms

This weekend we all went to 49 palms. It's just off of Canyon Road in Twentynine Palms and it's part of the Joshua Tree National Park. Our three year old did surprisingly well, although she did fall a few times and scrapped her knees a bit. The trail was pretty tough for her so she was always by my side. My hubby was carrying our 9 month old in his "man pack" as he calls it lol, that would be his baby carrier. The baby slept most of the time and when he was up he was entertained looking at everything.

So here starts our day hike, coming from base you make a left on Canyon Road and this is the first thing you see

This Pill Hill sign is pretty funny, I mean who on earth would actually put up a sign like this?! lol

Anyway, this road takes you all the way to the parking lot and this is where the trail starts.

My husband and our kids ready for our day hike
  It starts out pretty easy and gets harder as you go. With our three year old it took us about an hour to get to the oasis. I highly recommend taking band aids and some kind of antibacterial in case your kids fall and get little scratches.
Here are some pictures of the trail

Just a few of the different Cacti found in this area

Ahh, and finally we're here!

Relaxing for a little bit before heading back down again.

After another hour of walking down and uphill we finally made it to the parking lot. It was a fun trip and we will definitely be doing it again! 


  1. Did you guys count the palms to see if there were exactly 49? :)

  2. Haha No Erica, I have no idea if there really are 49 palms. I suppose whoever named it that must have counted them! lol


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