Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treating

This year for Halloween my daughter was Little Red Ridding Hood and my son was a cute little cow! Both of my kids are tall and skinny, which makes it really hard to find clothes that fit right all around. So, I had to take in my daughter's dress... a lot... like three inches on both sides! For my cute little cow all I had to do was fold in the straps on the hat and sew them together because it was huge!!The outfit itself was fine because he doesn't need to walk in it or anything.
Of course he found his sister hilarious! which I thought was absolutely adorable. Every time he would look at her he would start giggling. Normally when I wear any type of hat, cover, towel anything really, he will get very confused and just stare at me, hahaha, not with his sister! :)

Trick or treating with my kids this year was a blast! My daughter in hand of grandma and grandpa and my son in my arms collecting "his" candy!  Just when I thought I was too old to trick or treat, along came the kids! Yay for free candy!! lol.  My daughter had so much fun screaming "trick or treat!!" when she got to a new house, what a difference from last year when she was too shy to say it loud enough for anyone to hear! Now she was leading the way telling us where to go and which houses seemed to be giving the "good candy".

Hope you guys had as much fun as we did!

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